Exercise and Brain Health

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Lifestyle + Essential Oils


Find out more about neurotransmitters and their roles in mental health for stress and mood in todays article. Plus, I’ll let you in on what doesn’t work, as well as one major thing you can do to help to boost your brain health, mental health.

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Protein Intolerance

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Allergies


When your body is experiencing external or internal stress, it will no longer function optimally creating a wide range on symptoms. An internal stress is often causes by our bodies attacking our own tissues and cells.

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SIBO: What is it, and how do I know if I have it?

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Digestive Health


Move over IBS - we’re talking about SIBO! What is it, how do you know if you have it, and most importantly - what can you DO about it?

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Turmeric - The Miracle Spice?

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Nutrition


Turmeric is touted as a superfood and miracle spice. It’s main active ingredient curcumin has been studied like crazy. So is this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory worth the hype? Also, find out what’s the newest, most active form you can use!

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