Prebiotics 101

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Digestive Health


Did you know that what you eat feeds not only you, but your probiotics too? To keep your probiotics happy (which in turn keep you happy and healthy!) you have to make sure you’re eating enough pre-biotic foods. Find out the 101 on what you need to know.

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Skin Food

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Nutrition


Whether it’s dryness, redness, blemishes, or whatever, your skin needs proper nutrition from the inside, not just the outside. Check out what foods can help your skin, and which can harm your skin.

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Summer Fun + Essential Oils

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Lifestyle + Essential Oils


When it comes to essential oils for summertime, there are some oils that I tend to call on more now than in the cooler months. In today’s post, I want to share all my favorite ways that I use the essential oils in the summer.

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Blood Sugar: How to Keep the Balance!

Posted by Andrea Rossi, RHN, R.BIE in Nutrition


Keeping your blood sugar levels normalized is so important for overall health and reducing your risk for diseases. Find out just how sugar affects your health. I also list the top 10 foods sugar is hiding and tips for keeping the balance.

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