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Balancing your Home and Health with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energy in our surroundings to create the best space for living.

It originated in Ancient China and the Chinese have been practicing Feng shui for thousands of years. The literal translation of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is “wind and water”, the two elements of nature. The Chinese sensed the Chi (energy) in nature which is “the breath of life” in their eyes. Through the natural landscapes and forces, the Chinese people invented the magnetic compass and astronomical patterns.

Feng Shui teaches you many ways to improve your life energy flow. By practicing and being mindful of your space it is very beneficial to clear your home, office or any space and to ensure the best energy flow possible. If the energy of your home is stagnant, blocked, congested, or ultimately not in a state of free flow, you will personally start to reflect that same energy, in your life and health.

Keeping the energy of your home in balance and harmony is the key to keeping you in a healthy balanced state (physically and emotionally!).

Upcoming Workshop

Join us for our upcoming Feng Shui workshop on February 4th where you will learn how to bring balance and harmony into your home using the ancient traditions of the Chinese.

With the Chinese New Year is on January 25th, this workshop is great timing to clear the old energy out of your home and to set up the new intentions of this new decade.

During this workshop, you will learn:

• The Philosophy of Feng Shui
• Why it is important to clear your space
• How to map your space
• Discover if there are areas of blocked energy in your home
• How to balance all the elements in your space for maximum energy flow
• Why It is important to set intentions for your space
• Different types of tools for cleansing your space

You will also learn the importance of setting up Salt Cure’s and you will receive your own cure and know what area in your home to place it for optimum protection. You will also get an abundance cheque that will help bring in abundance in your life for the next year.


Date: Tuesday, February 4th from 7-8:30pm

Location: Holistic Harmony (195 Norseman St Unit 19, Etobicoke, ON, M8Z OE9)

Cost: $65 (includes handouts, your salt cure, and abundance cheque)


About Your Host Anna Zuzek

This workshop is hosted by the multi-talented Anna Zuzek, Gold Standard Feng Shui Consultant. She helps with holistic cleansing and transformation of your space and life. A long time student of Feng Shui since the 80’s, she decided to get certified and studied under Master Leigh Whiting. She is now certified in house clearings, Feng Shui Consultant, as well as an artist with a true passion for Interior Design and home staging.

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