New Moon Sacred Ceremony

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New Moon Sacred Ceremony

I'm excited to announce that Stephanie Morrison will be hosting our New Moon Ceremony's starting in October. 

Join us for The Halo: A Sacred Ceremony for the New Moon in Libra on Friday, October 16th from 7-9pm! This evening has been carefully curated with passion, peace and love to bring you some of our favorite healing modalities. 

Our monthly "halo's" are designed for the modern individual that is feeling the call to step into their light, shift or transform. A perfect blend of intuitive movement, new moon rituals, astrology teachings, journaling, oracle cards, meditation and instrumental sound therapy (think singing bowls, chimes, rainsticks + more). You will leave feeling like you took a mini oasis or retreat in the city guiding you back home to your heart and your body.

We understand the power of community and the power of connection for healing, and will be hosting these monthly circles to inspire you to take time out of your busy schedule to commit to your health, joy and inner fulfilment. These unique monthly themes are designed to bring you back into harmony with your body and to understand what it means to joyfully be connected with your heart, soul and inner spirit. You hold all the wisdom in the portal of your heart, and together we will help guide you back there.

Upcoming Events: 

The Halo: A Sacred Ceremony for the New Moon in Libra

There will be 2 events:

Friday, November 13th from 7-9pm

Monday, November 16th from 7-9pm

Cost: $50

>>Click here to reserve your spot<< 

Spaces are limited due to social distancing. Make sure you RSVP!

Next Events

Wednesday, January 13th from 7-9pm

Use the above link and toggle between the calendar dates to book in future events 

Meet your Host: Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie Morrison is a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. In the clinic setting, she works with clients one-on-one in the areas of emotional, digestive and hormonal health. She uses the european rubimed therapy to help individuals resolve through emotional trauma and blocks. She also leads transformational weekend wellness retreats and is a public speaker speaking in schools and corporatations on a variety of wellness topics from meditation to holistic nutrition. Stephanie is an intuitive and lightworker and has a passion for bridging the gap between the spiritual world, higher realms and human experience, and inspiring others to come into alignment with their purpose and why they're here. She believes in designing a life from a place of true freedom and connecting with the depths of your deepest souls desires. She is hear to remind you that every day is a miracle, that you are whole, and you truly can create your own heaven on earth.

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