New Moon Meditation

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New Moon Meditation

Join us monthly for a full moon meditation where we release the old and set intentions for the new cycle ahead. 

The meditations are guided by the amazing Lisa Jardine, {Reiki Master, Huna Practitioner, Meditation Coach, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist}. She will be guiding us through an evening of surrender and tranquility. 

During the meditation Lisa will be intuitively tapping in to each of us, applying reiki energy healing as needed and helping us set the intentions for the next moon cycle. She works closely with the Archangels, crystals, and various singing bowls to help with healing and getting into a meditative state.

Upcoming Meditation 

Our moon meditations are not only about releasing what no longer serves you. It's a night of healing, awakening our true essence and raising our consciousness. 

On Thursday September 26th we will be honoring the New Moon in Libra during our meditation class. Bringing woman together to honor one another as we would always do thousands of years ago and manifesting what we would like to receive from the universe through the moons energy.

With Full Moon’s we release what no longer serves us. With New Moon’s we manifest!

It’s the Yin and Yang; when you give, you must also take. We give to the moons energy what no longer serves us and then we take from the moon what we wish to manifest into our world.

September in numerology is the number 9. Which is completion. What in your life has runs its course, and now is the time to start a new. Bring in new ideas. Plant new seeds.

The date is the 26th: 26 = 2 + 6 = 8. In numerology is infinite. Never ending.

This makes it the perfect night for a New Moon Meditation, manifesting what we want to bring into our world. Honoring the darkness in the sky, but yet still having faith that what you can not see if still very magically there.

Libra is all about balance. Balancing our Yin and Yang. Balancing life. Venus governs libra, so we are able to bring more self love for ourselves. Manifesting with clearer vision of self love, what will bring us more balance. More peace.

Bring a journal to write what you want to bring into your world. What do you wish to manifest.

Date: Thursday, September 26th at 7pm

Cost: $20

Location: Holistic Harmony - 195 Norseman Street, Unit 19, Etobicoke

Registration: Reserve your spot here

Meditation space limited, make sure you RSVP!



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