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Discover your Astrology Chart Workshop

*** Workshop is full***

What does your detailed Astrology chart say about you?

Have you ever wanted to know what all the Astrology talk is about? OK, so I get that my zodiac sign is a Pisces, but what does it mean when people say my rising sign is… or that the full moon was in Capricorn? Or that a certain planet is in my 10th house…6th house…??? Or that I have some planets that rule over me? (It’s so confusing!)

Learning about your detailed astrology is more that just your daily horoscope; it’s taking into consideration what the energy of the universe was doing the moment you were born and how this imprinted energy impacts your life on a daily basis.

Astrology is like a life map and snapshot of your personality. It holds the in-depth information and insight to better understand ourselves. We are always a work in progress when it comes to healing and learning about ourselves, astrology can assist in those experiences.

Curious to know what your detailed Astrology chart has to say about you?

Come and join us for an evening of Astrology with Allison Alfonso, Reiki Master, Huna Practitioner and Astrologer, to dive into your detailed Astrology chart and find out what it says about you.

During this workshop you will learn the basics of Astrology including what are the signs, houses, and planets. Each of these components have different influences on the various aspects of your life.

Allison will be providing you with your own natal chart so that you will learn and understand how each of these areas in astrology affect your life specifically.

Workshop Details

Date: Monday, September 16th, 7-8:30pm

Location: Holistic Harmony – 195 Norseman Street, Unit 19, Etobicoke

Cost: $75 (includes your personalized chart)

***Click here to sign up for the workshop

*Sign ups close Thursday, September 12th

After signing up you will be asked to provide your date of birth, time of birth, and place or birth for your chart to be made. A $25 deposit made by etransfer is required to save your spot. This deposit is refundable for cancellations made by September 12th, after which you will receive your Astrology Chart in exchange. 

Note: Due to the nature of the workshop and the pre-work involved with preparing the charts, the class size will be small. Make sure you save your spot now if you’d like to attend! ⭐


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