Breathe. Move. Meditate.

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Breathe. Move. Meditate.

In our monthly workshops with Casey, she guides you through 90 mintues of self care to reconnect with yourself through breath, movement, and of course meditation. 

May's Event

May is one of my favorite months, as it brings about so much new life, regeneration, abundance and color! This ushering in of aliveness from Gaia Mother and all her inhabitants breeds inspiration and delight! Join us this month as we weave together the magick of Spring unfolding with the elements as we explore and receive the powers of breathwork, movement, meditation & reiki.

On this special evening, we will experience breathing techniques that open up energy pathways that balance us during this season. Bringing forward the wisdome of yoga, we support our progression by cultivating inner strength and mental flexibility, which highlights our ability to flow and flourish. During an extended, meditative savasana, the potency of the earth element will sooth the nervous system even more with a shamanic journey and the special use of flowers, crystals and stones.

As fire came forth to illuminate this concept, we will play with the breath by activating the element of air. Movement and receptivity flow freely in the element of water, reminding us to let go, as the stillness of meditation with the earth’s elementals support our receptivity. These 4 main elements are well known, but what about the mystical 5th element of ether? During our extended savasana, each person will receive the streaming forth of high vibrational healing light from the cosmos to cleanse the energy field even more, leaving you feeling refreshed, inspired and joyous!

Upcoming Events

Hosted every 3rd Thursday of the month from 7 to 8:30pm

Thursday, May 19th

Thursday, June 16th

Thursday, July 21th

Thursday, August 18th

Cost: $40 + hst

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About Your Host


Casey has ben studying, serving and applying the multi-faceted teachings and tools of the healing world for over a decade. She studied Energywork Therapy at California Academy for the Healing Arts, Hatha style Yoga in India, Ayurveda in California, as well as many continuing education courses within the Western Mystery School Tradition exploring further Mysticism, Hermeticism and ancient healing tools. Blending her knowledge and wisdom gained though the understanding of the relationship of the body/soul/spirit connection, Casey is inspired by the beauty of human existence. She understands purifying the psyche and bringing in light allows us to step forward into our most expansive, empowered and abundant lives.


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