Full Moon Meditation

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Full Moon Meditation

Join us monthly for a Full moon meditation where we release the old and set intentions for the new cycle ahead. 

The meditations are guided by the amazing Lisa Jardine, {Reiki Master, Huna Practitioner, Meditation Coach, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist}. She will be guiding us through an evening of surrender and tranquility. 

During the meditation Lisa will be intuitively tapping in to each of us, applying reiki energy healing as needed and helping us set the intentions for the next moon cycle. She works closely with the Archangels, crystals, and various singing bowls to help with healing and getting into a meditative state.

Upcoming Meditation 

Our moon meditations are not only about releasing what no longer serves you. It's a night of healing, awakening our true essence and raising our consciousness. 

This Full Moon in Virgo is a super Full Moon, meaning it is closer to earth. It is in the sun sign of Pisces, which is the first sign of the zodiac, and we’re currently in a Mercury Retrograde which is ending March 10th. So needless to say, there is a whole lot of energy swimming around in the Universe right now. And we are in the Universe and the Universe is in us.

We are all put into situations by our higher self to help us cultivate our highest vibration and our clearest state of consciousness. We harness the moons energy to help us release and Mercury Retrograde helps to bring us awareness.

What has been coming up, say from 5-10 years ago, and is now come into your awareness once again? This is only for you to finally heal the energy around the story. Everything is for your highest good, even when the challenges seem hard to bear.

With this moon’s energy, we can bring closure to what is no longer serving our highest good. We can cut the cord.

Virgo is the sign of worry. And many times, what we are worrying about is not actually true. Hasn’t even come to pass and may not. This energy of worrying about the future does not serve your highest good. It actually brings you out of alignment. Virgo doesn’t have boundaries; we can then use this energy to our advantage in releasing without boundaries.

Bring journals to follow our Full Moon journey for 2020. What we release during Full Moon we must balance out and manifest during the New Moon. Everything correlates.

What is unconscious is now becoming conscious. When we write in our journals what we want to release, we bring awareness and consciousness to why it's here in the first place. That's ascension. 

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, March 9th at 7pm

Cost: $20

Location: Holistic Harmony - 195 Norseman Street, Unit 19, Etobicoke

Registration: Reserve your spot here.

Meditation space limited, make sure you RSVP!



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