Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Yoga with Rania

Restorative yoga is a way of nurturing the body and mind through poses supported by props. With the body relaxing into the props, poses can be maintained for an extended period of time which allows the nervous system to shift from a sympathetic state (fight or flight) into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest). Tension dissolves, circulation to the body's organs improves and we enter into a natural state of relaxation. For many of us, it is the one opportunity for us to "be" rather than to "do" - an internal retreat of sorts.

This practice helps strengthen immunity and provides an opportunity for the body and mind to rest completely. In turn, this allows us to become more aware of our energy, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations and reminds the body of its ability to heal mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Rania, your teacher

After years of pushing her mind and her body to extremes, Rania was searching for something to relieve the toll that stress and anxiety were taking on her. Weight was increasing, sleep was interrupted, and she was feeling disconnected from her body. It was then that she first tried a Restorative Yoga class and experienced the most intense sense of relief and release from the tensions that had been building over time.

Three years later, Rania cherishes Restorative Yoga as a regular part of her physical and mental wellbeing practice and now shares this gift with others to help spread the healing.

Type of classes

Rania's classes are designed to support your own unique healing journey. Lights are dimmed, music is calming and gentle instruction is balanced with silence to support relaxation as poses are held for 10-20 minutes.

Each class will have a specific focus in mind with each pose supporting, nurturing and helping the body to heal in that area. Additional supporting tools include essential oils, crystals, as well as various props to support your body in this practice.

Upcoming classes:

Anxiety Healing: Let go of fear and anxiety as your body and mind relax into supportive poses. This class will help you reconnect with your inner calm and leave you feeling refreshed and peaceful. 

Insomnia: This class will help calm your body and quiet your mind, creating the foundation for restful and rejuvenating sleep as your body melts into relaxation.

Digestive Support: Gentle twists and supported poses will help improve circulation throughout your body, nourish your organs and enhance digestion leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Chakra Balancing: This class will take you through each of the 7 chakra energy centers with 7 restorative poses that will help you connect with your energetic and emotional bodies. Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. This class will leave you feeling balanced, open, and centered within yourself.  

Relaxation + Rejuvenation: This class will help calm your body and quiet your mind, helping your mind and body melt into relaxation and rejuvenation.


Saturday, February 29th from 10-11:30am

Saturday, March 7th from 10-11:30am

Saturday, March 14th from 10-11:30am

Saturday, March 21st from 10-11:30am

Saturday, March 28th from 10-11:30am



Prices + Packages

Drop In class: $35 drop-in
5 class pass: $165 ($33/class)
10 class pass: $310 ($31/class)
Bring a friend and get a $5 discount

24 hour cancellation notice required for full refund. Late cancel / no show fee: $5

Why our classes are different

When you arrive to class all the props are provided and set up for you and we also take care of putting them all away so you can just slip in and out of the relaxation with ease. This allows for maximum restorative healing effects to be prolonged.

When you arrive you will choose your specific therapeutic grade essential oil that you want used during your practice. You will also get to choose what healing crystals you would like to use during your practice. 

Our classes are targeted to be small for more hands on if needed or for special adjustments.

They also run for 90 minutes because we find it often takes a while to fully start to relax (especially if you've been stressed out and therefore need the class even more!) and so the extra time ensure that you're getting the maximum benefit of the class.



The Cumulative Benefits of Restorative Yoga

We all know that the benefits of physical activity add up over time. The more cardio exercise you do, the greater your lung capacity and better your heart functions. The more weight exercises you do, the more you build your muscles. In fact, most of the things that “challenge” us, we know we need to do more of to reap the benefits from.

Yet somehow, we think differently about activities that relax us. Those relaxation activities, like restorative yoga, become things we turn to when we feel extremely stressed or after a particularly busy week. The truth is, we get even more benefit when we are consistent with our relaxation activities - especially restorative yoga.

So what are those benefits…? Well, some we experience on the mat and others off the mat.

On the mat, you get into a deeper state of relaxation quicker. With regular restorative yoga you slip into that relaxed state within a few minutes of getting into your first pose and can carry that through the entire class with more ease. You are also able to stay in each pose for longer, allowing the body and mind to experience the benefits of stillness for longer. You become more tuned into your body’s needs - staying in a particular pose longer if you need to and selectively tuning into the instructor’s voice if and when you need guidance. And of course, as you become more familiar with poses, you’re able to get into each pose quicker and make specific adjustments that you know feels great for you.

Off the mat, with a regular restorative yoga practice you are able to tap into that parasympathetic (relaxed state) more easily thanks to all the practice you’ve gotten on the mat! Some people even report weight loss, improved sleep, lower anxiety and increased immunity.

So the next time you think about needing some relaxation and signing up for that restorative class… you might want to plan for your next one - or two - as well! And, between classes, you can try out some poses that don’t require a lot of props.